Foyer Evangelique Universitaire de Lille

It’s a place that exists to encourage the social and cultural interaction between students, but why?


The life at the FEU is directly inspired by the Bible’s values. We want to be welcoming and embrace the students that come to Lille, considering that most of them have traveled far from their homes. Also, our intention is to be a support for those who are going through difficult moments.

We want to share special moments as a community and be enriched by the cultural diversity of all the people who visit us.

We share our Christian faith under a safe space where everyone is free to express their feelings and believes.
To sum up, our objective is to contribute positively to the students in Lille because the gospel is the fuel that moves us.


The Gospel is addressed to each and every one of us, nevertheless, we focus on the students given that they are experiencing a special moment in life that involves important and decisive life choices, like pursuing a career, finding a couple, etc.

We consider that if youth expends so much time preparing themselves intellectually for life on earth, is even more important to grow up in faith for eternity.

Our goal is to walk alongside the students that want to discover the Christian faith and explore more about God and the Bible, helping them to involve in one of our partner churches.


The FEU was created a long time ago, to be precise in Grenoble in the year 1971. It was not until the year 2000 that thanks to the initiative of many protestant churches the "FEU de Lille" was born.

A power boost was given to the FEU in 2008 with the support of the partner churches of Lille. With the arrival of Eddy & Rachel, as well as Pascal & Ela, these two families started to working full time to make the project grow. In 2009, the FEU found its place at the heart of Lille, 20 Rue Détournée.

From then until now, the FEU has witnessed the hard work and commitment of many people, between them we can mention: Nicolas & Molly, Malia, Néhémie & Alice, Emily, Gary, Mathias & Chloé, Alex, and Joseph & Manon.

Today, the FEU is as committed as always to serve and cheer the youth of Lille. Join us to write together the story of this students' association.

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