Foyer Evangelique Universitaire de Lille

Weekly Activities


Soirée culturelle

Sunday Night: Every week, we have themed evenings where students present the culture and gastronomy of their countries. It’s the perfect place to meet new people, taste different food and have a great time.


An evening where you can improve your French & English skills with native speakers by having conversations, playing board games and watching videos.

Exploring the Christian Faith

If you’re interested in learning more about the Christian faith, we share it with easy-to-understand words and examples. Together, we gather to discuss what the Bible says regarding multiple subjects, always with tolerance and respect for your personal beliefs.

Bible Study & Time for prayer

Tuesday Night: We share a meal, then we study and discuss the Bible and we finish by praying together.

Thursday Morning: We have breakfast together and then we explore the Bible followed by a time for prayer.


The FEU often organizes a lot of great activities, some of them are Conferences, Trips within the region, sports events, workshops, mission trips and many more!

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